Neisson Blanc Esprit

70 cl / 70°

Category: Rhum Agricole
Raw material: Succo di canna da zucchero
Fermentation: Own selected yeasts
Production method: Créole Column Distillation
Box: No

Why it’s different

Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc 'Esprit' is the first 'Brut de Colonne' produced by Grégory Vernant, starting with the sugar cane cultivated on the more than 40 hectares of his property. The cane, almost entirely harvested by hand, is pressed in ancient mills driven by a large steam engine equipped with a boiler fed with the 'bagasse', the residual sugar cane fibre from pressing. The juice, slightly diluted with water, is fermented with a selection of yeasts isolated from the Neisson sugar cane, the fermentation lasts at least 96 hours. The fermented juice is distilled in the majestic Savalle copper column commissioned by Jean Niesson in 1952. After a slow distillation the fresh agricultural rum is left to rest and bottled at full strength without any dilution, it is the ultimate example of the Neisson spirit, which is why it is called 'Esprit'.

How do I drink it?

It can be drunk in Ti' Punch by adding plenty of ice to lighten the alcohol content. It can also be enjoyed neat, it tastes very pleasant and is suitable for mixing excellent cocktails such as the Planteur.


The name Esprit was chosen because this first full-grade bottling of Neisson white rums best represents the spirit of the distillery's spirits at Le Carbet.

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