Contrattino Aperitivo Tonic

20 cl

Why it’s different

Contrattino is a low-alcohol ready-to-drink in a 20 cl format, presented in an elegant Art Deco style bottle. With an alcohol content of 5.5 per cent derived from organic alcohol, Contrattino is a very rich organic aperitif thanks to the blending of bitter ingredients derived from natural cinchona and other herbs, where the fresh component is provided by citrus fruits.


The period between the 1920s and 1930s represents the golden age of Italian liqueurs, with the birth of Vermouths, aperitifs and bitters. These are the same years in which we move from pure consumption to the mixing of different ingredients. In this effervescent context, the Contratto winery, founded in Canelli in 1867, began to put on the market mixing products such as Contratto Bitter (1933) and Contratto Aperitif (1935), with a far-sightedness that made these drinks the ancestors of modern ready-to-drinks. 1936 saw the birth of the highly successful Tonico Normale Aperitivo G. Contratto Canelli.

These are the years of Futurism in Italy, mixing with modernism by venturing into a series of combinations that break all the moulds: it is an era in which polyhibits such as Inventina created by Tommaso Marinetti and the most unusual toppings, such as cheese cubes combined with dark chocolate, are all the rage. It is a world of new flavours, where bubbles, spiced liqueurs, wines, grappas, aperitifs and bitters are mixed in infinite combinations to quench the thirst for novelty. The search for novelty at Casa Contratto does not stop here, but continues today with the new Contratto.

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