Stolichnaya Premium Lys Edition 2022


Why it’s different

This new limited edition is part of the Liberate Your Spirit campaign. Created by artist Jason Naylor, the bottle celebrates the beauty of diversity and the freedom to be oneself; colorful and full of details that glow in the dark.


For the production of Stolichnaya, the entire supply chain is controlled following the "farm to bottle" principle. Stolichnaya prides itself on using only the finest ingredients available to produce their superior vodka. This is why Tambov grains are used which is located about 600 kilometers southeast of Moscow, in the heart of an area known as the central region of the Black Earth, an area famous for the production of cereals. The wheat and rye are ground, combined together and mixed with artesian well water, a small amount of yeast is added and the mixture is allowed to ferment. The washing of the fermented is carefully monitored to ensure that there is no residue that could trigger a fermentation again. The distillation takes place in the renovated Talvis distillery, inside a modern plant, built in 2009. After the distillation, the liquid is transported to Riga, Latvia, to the historic Lavijas Balzam distillery, still active since 1901. Here Stolichnaya is subjected to the filtration processes through quartz sand, then through birch charcoal, again with quartz sand and finally through a polypropylene filter. It is then lowered in rank with the water from the artesian wells of the distillery and finally bottled.

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