Spirit collections go virtual with Angelshare

15 dicembre 2023


Anyone with a passion for whisky, rum and spirits in general is familiar with the concept of angels' share, traditionally defined as the amount of spirit that naturally evaporates from the barrels during ageing. The angels’ share depends on the climate where the cask is stored. In Europe it's around 1-2% per year, while in tropical climates it's typically much higher. As a result, whiskies and rums become ready much earlier than those aged in Europe. This, however, also significantly reduces the amount of end product in the barrel.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Velier is taking the traditional concept of angels' share into the future, while at the same time emphasizing the idea that good bottles should be enjoyed, not used for speculation. To do this, the company harnessed technology to create a digital equivalent of the angels' share. How? Using blockchain.

The concept behind Angelshare

The basic idea is quite simple: a number of selected releases from Velier's portfolio will have a QR code under the cap showing the angels' share of each specific product. When you open a bottle, you can scan the QR code with a specific app – Mathwallet – and follow the authentication procedure to access your virtual bottle and obtain Angelshare points.

All the bottles you open will therefore be accessible through the app, forming a virtual collection where each bottle contributes its own specific angels’ share. It's a way to keep track of your bottles as well as a system of incentives to prevent unique releases from never being enjoyed as they deserve, becoming instead a mere object of commercial speculation. 

Angelshare includes the possibility to collect points in the Mathwallet app, which can be used to obtain a variety of benefits - from priority in purchasing upcoming releases, access to the exclusive VSGB group, discounts and the possibility to participate in special tastings at Velier's HQ to trips to the most famous and iconic distilleries.

The Angelshare project will begin with the first selected release, Mount Gay 2007.