A memory of Dom Costa

of Luca Gargano 5 giugno 2023

In 2009 cocktail was being reborn, and we wanted to be the protagonists. Dom had founded, together with Pirola and Comini, bartender.it: he was the benchmark of the new generation, but he was not our customer. I went to see him at Liquid... we spent a long night together; he explained that he preferred to buy one bottle at a time from the local wholesaler, and that he didn't want to bond with anyone. I came out of the meeting feeling tried, but we had been "nice" to each other. It took two or three dawns together, including a historic one with Daniele Biondi in Milan, to convince him to work with us. 

In fact, he was the first stirrer in Velier's history. In 2012 he started working with us full time. We traveled the world together, from Haiti to Reunion, from Mexico to Cuba.

He wrote the Drinkzionario, Velier Editions' first work; recommended products, passed on 40 years of alcoholic adventures, trained and informed first of all us, and then our loyal customers. 

Always with his innate class, even when he irreverently showed his butt.

I always called him Don in a sense of respect: a great little man who together with Marcelo was the architect of our history.