Pure Single Palenque

Pure Single Palenque

By Velier

The Palenque project is the brainchild of Luca Gargano, who involved six agave distillate producers from various villages in the state of Oaxaca and project coordinator Hector Vazquez.


The Maestros Palenqueros aim to draw a detailed map of the terroir of Oaxaca, the diversity of agave species and the natural conditions that give the agave a wealth of information during its long growing process. These producers operate with an artisanal approach, some introducing modern changes at various stages of production, always paying attention to the quality of the soil, the agave and the production process, based on their personal recipe.

This project is crucial, not only for the natural ecosystem, but also for preserving the quality of artisanal agave distillates; thanks to it, the mezcal producers involved have transformed themselves from local artisans into true entrepreneurs in the sector.

Country: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2018


The Maestros Palenqueros


Location: Bramaderos

Father and son, fourth and fifth generation in mezcal production respectively, have great skill in creating the distillate called mezcla, which comes from mixing different agave varieties. A large part of the quality of their mezcal comes from the unique orange soil characteristic of this region, which gives the distillate an extraordinary mineral strength.


Location: Santa Maria La Pila

Don Valente is a fourth-generation Palenquero and has passed the baton on to his fifth and sixth generation, after managing to bring home his sons who emigrated to the United States. The family organisation is perfect, cultivating agaves naturally and producing a high quality mezcal.


Location: San Pedro Taviche

Juan Hernandez Luis is a fifth-generation Palenquero and was 'discovered' by Luca Gargano during a trip to start the Palenqueros project. His production offers a distillate of Tobaziche - an increasingly rare variety of agave - and, in the first batch, a special edition with Tobalà, an unusual combination.


Location: San Luis del Rio

Baltazar Cruz is a first-generation Palenquero in the production of mezcal and is known for his entrepreneurial skills. The region of San Luis del Rio is renowned for the quality of its soil, favourable to the cultivation of many agave varieties, including Espadín, Sierra negra, Tepextate, Mexicano, Coyote and Mexicanito.


Location: San Baltazar Guelavila.

Second-generation producer and Zapotec culture, Gregorio Hernandez sadly left us at the end of 2023. Besides being a great distiller, he was also a devoted family man. His most appreciated productions were those made from the Cuishe and Madrecuishe agaves.