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copy of Silent Pool



The story of Silent Pool Distillers begins in 2013, and draws its inspiration from the beauty of Silent Pool's natural pool. Its crystal-clear water is naturally filtered by rainwater passing through a bed of chalk, which purifies it and gives it a typical teal color-a characteristic that has given rise to numerous legends over the centuries.

The oldest one dates back to the early 13th century and tells the tragic story of Emma, a young woodcutter's daughter, who drowned in the pond one day in order to escape a knight's attack. Her ghost has hovered over the area ever since.

Production Method

Silent Pool Distillers sources largely from local ingredients, and continues in its research process to create a distinctive and unique ultra premium gin that can tell the story of love for a region and its very essence.

The process leading to the creation of Gin Silent Pool is divided into 4 main stages.

- The maceration of herbaceous botanicals: the bitterest botanicals are soaked for 24 hours in a tank with neutral grain brandy and water. They are coriander seeds, cardamom, cubebe, bitter orange peel, juniper from Serbia, angelica and licorice root, among others.

- Floral and volatile botanicals, on the other hand, are soaked for 24 hours in a smaller tank. Known components include lavender, rose, elderberry, and chamomile.

- Then, before distillation, a basket with fresh botanicals (orange and lime peel, dried pear, juniper from northern Macedonia among others) is added to the top of the still: during distillation, the steam from the escaping alcohol passes through the botanicals, which add character to the gin.

- Custom hybrid stills allow for a perfect balance. Before the distillation process begins, however, 3 more botanicals are added directly: these are bergamot, fresh pear and especially locally sourced honey, one of the most distinctive elements of Silent Pool gin.

At every stage of the production process, care and attention to detail are paramount.

Country: UK

Country: Regno Uniyo

Fondazione: 2013

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2024

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