Compass Box Hedonism Blended Grain Scotch Whisky

Compass BoxScotland
70 cl / 43°

Category: Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Raw material: Malto d'orzo
Production method: Pot Still Distillation
Aging: Continentale
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

This is the first whisky created by Compass Box in 2000, and is a real feather in the company's cap. It is produced from a blend that includes grain whiskies from the Cameronbridge and Girvan distilleries, which have been matured in ex-bourbon First Fill casks, as well as Port Dundas and North British, aged in toasted American oak hogshead casks. The composition and percentages of whiskies used vary each year depending on the flair of the Master Distiller.

How do I drink it?

It is perfect tasted neat. Alternatively, add an ice cube or a drop of water, and serve in a wine glass. It is excellent served both before and after a meal.

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