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Company History



Traders from Genoa, we are the sons of Columbus and the heirs of a tradition well known in the whole world.
We firmly believe in our work.
Our family has been trading for over 100 years, originally in the textile sector, and now, since over 60 years, in wines, spirits and food.
Our absolute priority is not profit, but quality in all our choices.
Thanks to this, authentic gourmets can discover new products of excellent quality.
We keep exploring. Thankfully, in this increasingly standardised world, it is still possible to find extraordinary products, which are created by real and passionate artists.
We are a family run business. We believe in independent trade, based on human relations.

VELIER since 1947

1947 Velier was founded by Casimiro Chaix, attaché commercial for Genoa French Consulate and Lino Chaix’s father.

1953-1983 VELIER is a traditional small wine and spirits import company based in Genoa docks, which then was the Italian capital of the spirit market. The distribution included Champagne, Marc de Champagne, sparkling wine, tea, cocoa mainly addressed to Northern Italy. In 1983 the turnover reaches about € 500,000.

1983 Gian Luca Gargano acquires a share in the company. Gian Luca was the Marketing Director in Spirit S.p.a., the most important Italian import company (Ballantines, Cointreau, Martell, Beefeater, …etc) at a very young age.

1985 Velier focuses on importing top spirits to be sold to top restaurants and wine bars, and develops the image and distribution for Champagne Billecart - Salmon, totally unknown at that time (100,000 bottles sold so far, Italian leader brand in top restaurants)

1988 Paolo Gargano (Luca’s brother, work experience for Soffiantino and Giovanetti) joins the company.

1988 Velier is the first Italian company to import New World wines from Chile, Argentina, California, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

1991 Velier creates a product range covering Latin American White Spirits (Cachaça, Mezcal, Pisco) to be marketed to trendy and ethnic cafés and restaurants.

1992 Velier starts selecting single barrels of old single malts and rhums with its own label.

1995 Velier starts importing a range of Caribbean rhums anticipating current trends (in 2004 Velier sold about 60,000 9lt cases).

1997 Velier turnover reaches € 5,000,000.

1999 Velier fattura 8.641.000 €, e diventa l’unico agente per i sigari cubani sul mercato italiano.

1999 Velier also becomes the exclusive agent for Cuban cigars for the Italian market

2002 Velier starts importing Absinthe, after a hard quarrel with the Italian Governement regarding the reception of the E.U. law. Velier Wine and Spirits turnover reaches € 13,000,000.

2003 Velier launches the project “Triple A” concerning natural, true, great wines starting a new era in wine business.

2004 Turnover reaches € 15,300,000.

2006 Turnover at € 19,000,000.

2008 Velier starts distributing RhumRhum PMG, rhum agricole that is produced in partnership with Bielle distillery and Gianni Vittorio Capovilla.

Agreement with Diageo for exclusive distribution of Diageo Reserve products in Italy